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Come, Share in Our Faith and Fun!

When you enter the doors of First Presbyterian Church of DuPage, you will discover a welcoming church family, a place to engage your soul in worship, and opportunities to grow and serve on a Christian faith journey with others. We hope to meet you soon!

Join our 180 Bible Challenge!

Bible from Genesis to Revelation in one year!  The readings take about 15 minutes per day, but the benefits of seeing how Christ speaks to you through His Word will be life changing.

We encourage you to form small groups with family and friends, to discuss what you’ve read. 

Click here for the pdf file of the reading plan.

The videos are on YouTube. Click on the desired video below.

* Genesis to Exodus

* Leviticus

* Numbers

* Deuteronomy

* Joshua & Judges

* Ruth & 1 Samuel

* 2 Samuel

* 1 Kings

* 2 Kings, 1-2 Chronicles

* Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther








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